About us

The Ambiente Ingegneria study by engineer Andrea Alessandrini carries out:

  • web application development:
    front-end part with JavaScript React technologies
    back-end part with python technologies (Django, Flask) and MySQL or PostgreSQL database
  • installation and development of custom modules of Odoo ERP
  • development of integrated Machine Learning solutions (image recognition, automatic content grouping, spam detection)
  • APP development for iOS and Android

Imagine a web page for managing an online store of organic products, using React to create a dynamic and responsive user interface, Django to handle the business logic and PostgreSQL to store customer and order data.
Now, how about an app for recognizing images of weeds, using deep learning algorithms to classify species and provide suggestions for their control. The solution has been integrated into a mobile application that allows farmers to take pictures of their crops and receive useful information.
Or simply an app for iOS and Android for the tourist promotion of a city, using geolocation to provide visitors with personalized information on places of interest, activities and events available.
We develop it for you!

Ask for a quote or technical support through the following contacts: