Veneto regional technical map

step by step selection

If you search for “ctr veneto” (ctr is regional technical paper) with a search engine you are directed to the page of presentation of the card and metadata, but usually it is not what we want.

ctr as result of google search

What you are looking for is the page for viewing and downloading data:

Getting them is not immediate. Let’s see how it’s done.

First of all – on the left – select the area (environmental, cartographic …) of interest (such as environmental data, constraints, cartography).

step by step selection

Then, inside the window below, the type of data

  • Regional Technical Paper
  • CTR Numerica 5,000
  • c0101074_CTRN5000
  • CTR Numerica 10,000
  • c0101084_CTRN10000
  • CTR Raster 10,000
  • c0101094_CTRR10000

For example choosing CTR Numeric 5,000 first and then c0101074_CTRN5000, on the right, in the “results” window, it appears the possibility to detail the search by province and municipality or identification number of the card.

All this after clicking on the green dart of the download.

CTR regione veneto, servizio di download

There is also the possibility of the WMS service: the boundaries of the individual sheets.

(For a more general list of WMS services, refer to the opengis page.)

For those who do not want to give up a graphic environment, there is still an online viewer



You get there by clicking on the miniature of the  world, the last icon of the row.

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