ARPAV progammation

Recently the Regional Council of Veneto approved the document prepared by ARPAV called “Proposals for a new regional programming on issues of Information, Education and Environmental Education and for the promotion and development of participatory tools and sustainable development – Years 2007 – 2013 ‘

On page 63 highlights the priorities for the future:

“5.4.1. Thematic areas, strategic objectives and specific actions”

The new regional program 2007-2013 identifies the following six thematic areas with related strategic objectives:

• Regional Network for Education for Sustainable Development
• Research and Quality
• Integration and Culture
• Projects and experiences for sustainable development
• Participatory processes and instruments for sustainable development
• Territorial Cooperation and European

To download the entire document to see the attached RESOLUTION OF THE REGIONAL N. 2020 07/07/2009 (BUR No. 61 of 28/07/2009).

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