Photos transformation to art pieces by math

Website alternativeto promises to collect alternative to software.

The suggested alternative to the app Prisma AI are not satisfactory. Because Prisma doens’t limit to change pixel style, but, due an intensive application of machine learning, recreate a paint like image. As they explain:

Prisma Labs is a mobile technology company specializing in deep learning related products. Our Prisma Inference Engine allows to run convolutional neural networks on smartphones, fully utilising available GPU power, much faster than tensorflow or caffe.

Our mission is to bring an absolutely new and unique experience to how people express their emotions and transfer them into digital creations.

We are closely working with photo & video style transfer, as well as object detection and segmentation on devices, thereby bringing the most advanced technology to people’s pockets and making it available for everyone worldwide.


Prisma, in the free version, is amazing, but a little bit slow and limit picture quality.

We were looking for alterntive PC based, not mobile based.

So which are alternative we ?

We have seen:

Let’s focus on the first one.

The transformation process with lunapic

It is a web serivice.

Select firs “art”, from menu, then which kind of transformation, and then the percentage.

See this example. We are really satisfy.

select firs "art", from menu, then which kind of transformation, and then the percentage

Lunapic is a powerful web-based photo editing tool that offers a wide range of features, including various artistic filters and effects. Lunapic is a great alternative to Prisma AI for those looking for a PC-based photo editing solution.

The transformation process with Lunapic is straightforward and easy to use. Simply select the “art” option from the menu, choose the type of transformation you want to apply to your image, and adjust the percentage to your liking. Lunapic’s AI-powered filters and effects recreate the look and feel of traditional painting techniques, giving your photos a unique and artistic touch.

One of the advantages of using Lunapic is that it is entirely web-based, so you don’t need to download or install any software. This makes it a great option for users who want to quickly edit and transform their photos without the hassle of installing and managing additional software on their computer.

Overall, Lunapic is an excellent alternative to Prisma AI for users looking for a powerful and easy-to-use photo editing solution that can help them transform their digital images into unique and artistic creations.

Enjoy it!

handmade drawing modified by lunapic

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