Comparison of the performance of different renewable energy technologies on a rural farm in Catalonia

In December 2013 engineer Andrea Alessandrini delivered his final project to graduate on his master on Renewable Energy.
That had the headline “Comparing the performance of different renewable energy technologies on a rural farm in Catalonia”.

As it is of general interest, we provide this document for those who are interested this issue.

From the general introduction:

Find production of renewable energy that is cheaper than traditional general is difficult: if so, may already be in our head, because we would have seen it spread.
The bad (or good) of most renewable energy is to be located next to the consumer, according to local peculiarities , that “only ” found there.
So the question that I answer in this paper is : what investment , covering renewable energy, it is more profitable for a property in Catalonia?
Or , more generally , is there one that is profitable?
Specifically, I use data from an existing farm in Santa Oliva.
Besides the world of renewable energies have two milestones:
a. almost all renewable energy comes from the sun (in different ways, but its primary source is the sun) and therefore it’ll “never” be exhausted;
b. like to take this energy ( the threshold is physics and thermodynamics) in a matter of technology, which grows over time, so tools to review the possibilities simply needed.

In this sense, this work also contains a timely assessment of the estate and appointed, a generals tools that enable Scilab to compute a few variables (NPV investment, solar radiation in a panel tilt either …).
The theoretical work highlights are:

  • Solar average solar radiation calculation inclined panel
  • wind power distribution upgrade wind at different heights

The document can be requested on our web site.

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