Sharing the road with jungo

What is Jungo ?

A system for providing / requiring steps in car between trusted users of the network .



We try to show better jungo with  history of a user ( taken from the mailing list of the service) :

(API ** @ l ine … ) wrote :
Last Sunday I managed to convince my wife to jungata groped a couple to go to Trento. We were without a car , both given to the children and it seemed absurd to borrow another car and then visit us in the evening at Trent with three cars to go home . So in the afternoon we put the house on the street hoping to be collected before the sun sets . They spend several cars of tourists returning almost all full of people and luggage , no sign of stopping , but after 15 minutes, when my wife was beginning to chafe , stops a young man our neighbor to which you do not need to explain to jungo because he already knows everything . It leaves us in Baselga di Pine , just halfway to our goal which is Trento. Junghiamo for 10 minutes, while my wife there on the table occurs near the times of the bus line , stops the car of two of his relatives astonished that we ask for explanations , so I have a way of talking about jungo . We leave in the center of Trento , clogged from the fair of St. Lucia , just a few steps away from our goal which is the palace Roquebrune where there is the week of bubbles, a promotion of Trentodoc quality sparkling wine . So we can toast to jungo that has made us less time to get to the bus line , and I ‘m saved , the bet is won.
Regards to the next

If you want, see the official page or this analysis un po’ car pooling, un po’ autostop.

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