How waste was collected in Padua

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A memory of how they were collected waste in Padua. After the Unification of Italy, the contract for urban cleaning becomes more and more important for men and means . That bandit in January of 1867 includes 30 men , 10 horses and 10 wagons with 2 wheels , 20 handcarts covered. It is in […]

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Note sui pannelli solari fotovolatici

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Sui pannelli solari. Se conosco quanti Carichi [W] (fra parentesi quadre le unità di misura) mi servono al massimo (tutti i carichi connessi alla rete), so per certo che i miei pannelli dovranno essere con Codice: Wp  [W]> Carichi [W] Ora ci posso mettere anche le perdite (η = 0,9 [adim]) e quindi Codice: Wp  […]

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ARPAV progammation

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Recently the Regional Council of Veneto approved the document prepared by ARPAV called “Proposals for a new regional programming on issues of Information, Education and Environmental Education and for the promotion and development of participatory tools and sustainable development – Years 2007 – 2013 ‘ On page 63 highlights the priorities for the future: “5.4.1. […]


Update UNI 11300

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As is well known energy certification currently stops at the needs assessment for the cooling of the housing. Is still lacking , in fact , the definition in regulatory methods for calculating the energy performance part : • for summer air conditioning ; • for artificial lighting ; • for buildings with renewable energy sources […]