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Have you ever had to perform an online proctored examination?
Not a simple and nice experience, I assure you.
What happened to me?

I finished my preparation about Azure (the Microsoft Cloud Environment) and I felt ready to be examined to get the official certification.
The process is online (not sure if due to
Covid-19 reasons) and start from this webpage and (in my case and probably also in yours) will reach here

The page explains many things, included the Training and certification guide and Support for certification exams.

But after enroll, I discovered that the exam isn’t performed by Microsoft directly, instead an external company does it (

Anyway I scheduled it for august the 18 th at 7 am (I like to work early morning: the day is longer this way… 🙂 ).

I prepared the room, by removing all the objects except my laptop, a glass of water, my ID card and the headphones from the desk I focused on the exam.

Half an hour before, the candidate is allowed to enter the virtual room, but unfortunately (I discover) isn’t just a chat at all: it’s more properly a “control loose” of your computer during the examination.
First I had to install a software ( that took control of my machine, then to scan everything (room, sleeves, ears… ) (the nice version of this process is visible see how here, minutes 5 ).

That was boring, but just lasted 5 minutes.  The bad things appear during the examination itself. It seems weird but I felt really uncombable:

  • no possible to spell high voice the word
  • no possible to eat o… go into the bathroom
  • or stand to open a window or enabling the room cooling…

The proctor asked me to keep my eyes in to the screen (I could not even think looking at the ceiling…)

Well, I hope I passed you the sense of the difficulties and of the constriction related to convince a remote proctor that you’re not cheating…

At least (after 1 hour of exam) I had my certification  “just in time!” 🙂

After enjoining the result, don’t forget to uninstall the software


So, en resume, I suggest you to carefully prepare for a proctored examination: it isn’t so pleasant as the idea suggests!!

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