MUD declaration and Google Docs

The 30th of April of 2014 exipired the period for the submission of the declaration MUD 2014, with data over 2013.

In the site of there’re the informations to download the software for the processing and transmission of data.

First, however, must be analyzed.

I suggest they used a query data via google docs.

Allows you to go from tabular data (such as spreadsheet) and make research over data.

Using the syntax of the SQL amended GDocs, I can group them by multiple parameters, indicating them as in the query text.


google docs MUD
Eg QUERY (A1: E11; “select A, B, D, C, sum (E) group by A, B, D, C” 1)

Thus, not only there will be a distinction for the operator, but also for the type of waste and the CER.

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