BlackJack or “sette e mezzo”

Both are games of chance, “sette e mezzo” or blackjack.
The second is to get closer to 21 (and it starts with two cards).
But if you exceed 21 you lose.
The same as if you lose a score less than the dealer.

We wrote a small Python program so that you can play  (like solitaire).


  • Deal -> you start (or reinizia) the game
  • Hit -> calling for a further card
  • Stand -> it stops, hoping that the dealer has a score lower

You play against a dealer.

As mentioned you can play online blackjack.
But since the Christmas holidays coming up, we decided to offer an Italian version: seven and a half  “sette e mezzo”.
As the name says, the goal is to approach, but not exceed 7.5 by adding those cards (to the figures corrisnde half, the other its value, the king of diamonds to any existing card).




You can play by yourself, starting from this page.
As you can see, now the cards used are Neapolitan, with the deck 40.


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