Electrics energy prices

In Spain from the 1st of April there’ll be a revolution: Electric has a maximum period of 3 months to proceed under the new billing system.

That’s for small users ( with less power than 10 kW).

New bill name’s PVPC  Volunteer price for Small Consumer Precio Voluntario para el Pequeño Consumidor (PVPC).

The Electrical PVPC will be based on the average price of pool and other settings. This daily rate will be available on the website of Red Eléctrica de España.

Now it is not.

Now the price of a kW · h depends on the rate you contracted it , but we will take as the price of government- regulated tariff (TUR ) , the price of kW · h for TUR is € 0.124107 / kW·h.


What about in Italy?

In April, bill changes also in Italy.

But the market is regulated by an authority.

In Italy the “small consumers ” is only the one who has up to 3 kW of power at home.
His bill  is composed of 3 parts :

Servizi di vendita (sell price) + Servizi di rete (net price)  +  Oneri (general costs)

These are:

0.09102 € / kW · h + 0.00484 € / kW · h + 0.035082 € / kW · h = 0.130942 € / kW · h

As prices,  spanish can not complain.

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