shutter permanent image

Sometimes an image remains stoke in shutter main page.

Nothing especially bad, but it’s annoying to find always this image when we open the program.

his image is store in /home/user/.cache/shutter/unsaved/ directory.


In our case, with user ca, and filename Schermata del 2017-11-03 17-09-21.png  so:

/home/ca/.cache/shutter/unsaved/Schermata del 2017-11-03 17-09-21.png"
With grep command we can find it easily:

ca@A:~$ grep -rn "2017-11-03" /home/*
Il file binario /home/ca/.thumbnails/normal/30880ae93b721c799ded07e62ccae5ee.png corrisponde
Il file binario /home/ca/.thumbnails/normal/290ddd5a1f8cdce0b01e523e1b79f8c1.png corrisponde
Il file binario /home/ca/.ipy
thon/profile_default/history.sqlite corrisponde
/home/ca/.shutter/session.xml:6: <file00000004 filename="/home/ca/.cache/shutter/unsaved/Schermata del 2017-11-03 17-09-21.png" />


Remove it and it’ll not appear any more, presenting a clean start page.shutter main page


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