Update UNI 11300

As is well known energy certification currently stops at the needs assessment for the cooling of the housing.

Is still lacking , in fact , the definition in regulatory methods for calculating the energy performance part :

• for summer air conditioning ;

• for artificial lighting ;

• for buildings with renewable energy sources .


Now, with the entry into force of the UNITS 11300 Part 3 : 2010 ” Energy performance of buildings – Part 3 : Determination of primary energy demand and yields for summer air conditioning ” , it is likely there will be a review of these aspects ( probably with the enactment of a decree of the President of the Republic of transposition ) .

Indeed involves cooling energy costs having a function of the type of device used for the purpose. </ p > $ $ $ $ <p> Therefore, thanks to the new UNITS 11300 Part 3, starting from the results of the UNITS 11300 Part 1 ” useful thermal energy demand for summer cooling Qc ” expressed in kWh , apply the returns of the sub- distribution of the air conditioning (emission , regulation , distribution and manufacturing ) and you get your summer needs .

The efficiency of generation of refrigeration equipment in relation to their types is related to the index <a href=”http://www.infobuildenergia.it/Allegati/1045.pdf” target=”_banck”> EER </ a > (Energy Efficiency Ratio) in reference conditions.

These were the anticipations of the rule of a few months ago.


The ing. Augustus Hill in coordinating working group GL 601 ‘ heating systems – Production “( UNI / TS 11300 – 2E4 ) with the aim of drawing up the part 4 of the ” UNI / TS 11300 ” USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY AND OTHER METHODS OF GENERATION PREPARATION FOR HEATING ROOMS AND HOT WATER ”


From the site CTI ” The Advisory Group that deals with the CTI standard 11300 Part 4 GC 601.
This GC deals with the various stages of implementation of thermal systems from the preliminary draft testing. Where the regulatory activity involving aspects of plant components GC collaborates with the respective GC product ( GC4 , GC5 , GC6 ) . The GC is also competent on the activities of <a 228 </ a>


The purpose of this standard is to define input data and calculation methods for the determination :

# One month’s supply of energy carriers subsystems generation with heat pumps for heating and / or domestic hot water production ;

# Share of demand for useful energy distribution systems against back-up , other generating systems to be calculated with the relevant parts of this standard ;

# In accordance with the calculation method specified by Parts 1 and 2 of the UNI TS 11300 with regard to the building and the facility.

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