The professional update for technician done without headaches

Laws change weekly: how can a professional or a company be updated ?

From an analysis that we performed (the text will be among the acts of ecomondo 2015, we invite you to read it in its entirety because it contains many aspects that are not summarized in the internet page) varies greatly from person to whom it is addressed.

What does the technical do to be update? How much you can afford to have little information to date? How valuable this information in terms of its profitability?
Below is a table with general values, which serve as one first point of view .


  time reliability upgrade expenses personalization
Sectoral reviews medium alta low medium low
Self catering service low alta medium/alta high alta
College professionals low alta medium/alta low low
Petitions to colleagues low media media low low
Participation at sector fair high media low high low
Continuous training high alta very low high low
Commercial general service low alta alta medium alta
Sector forums high media media low alta
Prestigious person high alta media low media
And instead of getting generic values, how can you input yours?
We propose the use of “multi-criteria analysis method”, English Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
For an analysis in detail of the AHP method we refer to the University of Siena page.
Instead, for its application, see this web  page (in English).
You can define your own input list, such as the one below, in case you have availability for all sources we propose (to copy and paste at the point corresponding to “Input a new hierarchy – Input new text in the text field below” .

The best professional update method in the case of test test: trade magazines, their service study, professional service, requests to colleagues, participation in the fair, continuing education, general business sevices, sectoral forums, prestigious web or blog;

The website provides better functionality if you are registered.

A further option is to use a direct implementation of theAHP method in Python made by Andrea Alessandrini. E ‘can be downloaded from github, with business license Apache.

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