Solve if U R genius (reloaded)

On February 2016 The VERNE (en El Pais), talks again of teaser on line (as we did).

This time the teaser is:



Imagen de: manzana + manzana + manzana = 30; manzana + 4 platanos + 4 platanos = 18; 4 platanos - 2 cocos = 2; un coco + manzana + 3 platanos = ?


It seems a challenge of success, because buzzfeed in English and  La Repubblica  in Italian treat it too. This newspaper last comments:


The fruit math quiz wreaks havoc with 2 million users: find the solution
Apples, bananas and coconut. The mathematical puzzles, made of simple addition and subtraction, is sweeping the web. We have to figure out which numbers correspond to the fruit symbols, according to the results of operations. It sounds easy, but it really is? Try to reason and to give the solution: it is 13, 14, 15 or 16? Discover the correct answer by clicking on the given numbers


What it is and involves the world of teaser in social networks?

I invite you to read it, but, in our view, the most interesting comes from the comments.

We note the Francisco Rodriguez, of the country, the first challenge:

I is that these tests see them as deceptions, as magicians sistraen your attention to cheat. Mathematics is logical, are fixed, they are not changing. In the first case it shows you half coconut instead of two means and why should we infer that each medium and coconut is 1? That’s cheating because we can also say for example that one of the means coconuts is bigger than the other and not worth as much. As bullshit okay but a mathematical problem is bullshit. The same with the second, the + sign is added and the sign = the result of the sum, otherwise all you deduzcas is neither good nor bad, just you interpret what you want because there are no fixed rules shown. Why it is 96 and not 40 ?, Says who? Where are the standards of operations are marked ?. In any case, both solutions would be fine as both fall into a logical interpretation.


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